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Homestead helps homeowners convert their garages into rental properties. With a full class at Y Combinator and the impact of Covid-19 on Seed funding, the team wanted additional support during this unpredictable time. We partnered with CEO, Samuel Schneider, to streamline the Homestead ask and wireframe their technology stack.


Product Strategy






Modern Housing Project


At no upfront cost Homestead is working to provide alternative dwelling solutions to California's housing crisis by repurposing underutilized assets hiding in plain sight: the garage. As a provider of rental management services the company is the first for-profit solution to help homeowners convert and operate previously underused parts of their property. Their product enables homeowners to increase the value of their homes, all while adding a passive stream of rental income. 

Customer Testimonial

"Homestead is a new way to think about housing."

Interior Design

Why Product Strategy 

& Fundraising

Homestead co-founders Sean and Sam are seasoned architecture practitioners but were new to the world of technology and early-stage startups in 2020. After entering what would become the first-ever remote Y Combinator cohort, Apex was asked to consult during the fundraising process. Our scope of work was three-fold:

  1. Help the team identify strong investment partners 

  2. Wireframe the technology stack and diagram the marketplace

  3. Partner with the CEO to implement operational processes for partners

Ultimately, the team was able to raise a $2M seed.

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