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Vivian is the best way for healthcare professionals to find jobs. Founded in 2017, the platform enables healthcare professional to compare opportunities across the best travel contracts and permanent positions. We were asked by CEO Parth Bhakta to help with everything from strategic initiatives to product operations. Once invited, we launched a User Research study to achieve feature parity across mobile and web products as well as vet and identify potential acquisition opportunities. 



Business Operations

Product Management




Doctor's Appointment


Vivian is a marketplace for short-term nursing positions. Acquired by IAC in 2019, the product makes it easy for nurses to compare multiple offers across different staffing agencies. 

Customer Testimonial

"We started using NurseFly and saw it performing ten to one compared to our other tools. It's been a catalyst in helping us move faster." 


Why Business Operations & Product

With over 2,000 reviews on the Apple app store, Apex worked closely with the Engineering & iOS teams to test mobile app features and provide the Head of Design with user feedback from across two core Vivian User Persona's. This work was critical in understanding the Nurse and Recruiter user journey as a digital experience. 

As part of our work we also led a refresh to the existing Product Management methodology. Alongside the Chief Technology Officer we helped build out a robust Clubhouse integration and implement a Tiering system to help the team of distributed engineers collaborate more effectively.

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