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Geosite is an early-stage startup that provides customers software to access high quality commercial satellite imagery. We worked with CEO, Rachel Olney, to re-haul the core product strategy and partner with the Commercial team to launch their first commercial product. 


Product Strategy

Product Management






The proliferation of geospatial data has led to a strong need for cloud-based tools that are able to collect and curate large swaths of high-resolution satellite imagery. Geosite provides a common operating picture for companies that want to explore and leverage imagery products. With the increasing threat of Climate Change, we were excited to help the team understand how to build a product that could better identify methane-emitting high-risk zones in the Permian and Bakken Basins for Oil & Gas operators.

Cloudy Day

Why Product Strategy

& Product Management

In 2020, the commercial oil industry dramatically changed as a consequence of Covid-19. As a result, the Geosite team needed to quickly pivot their core product offering in order to respond to the industry changes. As the team began to consider future fundraising efforts we were tasked with helping them identify new product-market opportunities and operational improvements. 

This was a four month long engagement where we worked with leadership and various stakeholders to synthesize research, discover insights, drive data partnerships, and test initial product offerings with beta customers. 

We ultimately helped the team reposition the product from providing services to providing solutions and also helped them launch EMIT (Emissions Monitoring & Information Tracking), a methane emissions tracking application and base map.

We conducted both competitor and user research to build a strong understanding of their customer's needs and motivations. We also worked closely with Engineering, Design, and Data Science to manage the product roadmap, milestones, and requirements.

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